Endoscopic Devices for Obesity and Diabetes

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Surgical Success without Surgery


Endoscopically delivered, durable, effective and reversible treatment devices for obesity and diabetes.

The effectiveness of surgery without the cutting, pain and risk.

The Problem

Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes have become a worldwide epidemic and are associated with significant health risks that are costly to the healthcare system. Over a third of the US population (120M) is obese and this number is growing. Almost 10% of adults or 30M have type-2 diabetes and these numbers are also increasing.  These problems are not isolated to the US with 600M obese individuals worldwide. In the USA alone $245 billion is spent each year to manage and treat these diseases and worldwide the cost is $2 Trillion. The decreased quality of life, as well as shortened duration of life of obese diabetics is dramatic due to high rates of heart disease, cancer, stroke and many other conditions. Currently fewer than 50% of obese who are diabetic achieve treatment goals with medications and even fewer maintain significant weight loss. Surgery has been shown to be the most effective treatment for obesity and Type-2 diabetes but reaches less than 2% of affected individuals due in part to risk of complications. Patients want and society needs less invasive, less risky effective treatments.

About Us

Fixation is the Key

Stability in the GI Tract


Without stable fixation no device can deliver effectiveness or durability. Our Unique advantage is stable yet reversible fixation in the GI tract.

Our Solution


Based on a decade of human experience.

Proven Physiology


Delivering undiluted and undigested food directly to the small bowel mimics the effects of gastric bypass. Improvement in diabetes and weight loss.

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